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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Sunday live special

On Sunday 30th July, we will be having a very special VYG event where youths will be able to showcase their talent! Each team will create a 1990’s inspired performance so prepare yourselves as we rewind back to the 90’s! Do you have a talent? Whatever it is, join us for this special challenge and show us what you’ve got! ...

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Welcome to the VYG website! As they say in Spanish: ‘mi casa es tu casa!’ This website features exclusive videos, weekly articles, our official VYG SoundCloud collection and much more! So take a look around and enjoy! If you would like to speak to someone from the VYG team please email or call us on 0207 686 6000.  

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Special event

Are you interested in sports? Do you consider yourself the next Usain Bolt? Or would you prefer to be in the crowd cheering on the contestants? If this is you, then join us for our annual VYG sports event, where each branch will battle it out in our ultimate Summer Olympic Games! When is the event and do I need ...

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