Real Talk series

Real Talk series

VYG Real Talk series – 7 Steps to excel 

For the next seven weeks, across all VYG branches in the UK, our Real Talk series will focus on giving you tips and advice on how to excel in your life. Ever had an idea to start your own business? Or do you want to get better grades possible in your school exam? No matter what dream or goal you have, this seven week series is a must!

So join us every Wednesay at 6pm to learn the next step you need to take in order to achive your goals! Your never too young to be succesful. If you have missed a few weeks of the series, don’t worry, you can catch up on the previous tips when you come to the meeting!

Don’t miss this great opportunity.

What is Real Talk? 

Real Talk are weekly meetings open for youths to come together and discuss a range of topics. From debates to tips and VYG feature videos, this place is a great weekly social meeting for any youth.

What do I need to come to this seminar? 

Nothing, just an open mind.

Can I bring a friend? 

The more, the merrier!


Every Wednesday at 6pm.


Our headquarters are located in the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, however, we have many other branches in London. If you would like to find a branch closer to you please call our Helpline on 020 7686 6000 or email the Youth Group at



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