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Sunday Live

It’s Sunday afternoon and all you want to do is have a few more hours to lie in. While you sleep, we’re hosting Live competitions at the VYG Sunday Live. Jam-packed with Head to Head tasks including: dance-off’s, who’s got the V-factor singing contests and drama productions, we are alive and kicking. And there’s more, ranging from strategic brain teasers to on the spot tasks, this is the answer to kick start your week.
So why not trade in those few hours of sleep and come in to show us what you’ve got.

We are Live on Sunday every week at 1:30pm at your local VYG. The hotspot for your Sunday afternoon.

VYG Tribes Competition from VictoryYouthGroupuk on Vimeo.

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  1. I just wanted to say that since I’ve started coming to the VYG it’s
    Helped me a lot in many way. Wow and the Night Vigil touched me even
    More, one of the parts the got me was when Pastor Miguel gave the e.g
    About the 3 diff youths in the VYG… Well I just know that it’s helped me a lot
    And I believe that there so much to come and we will be know very soon just
    Like pastor Miguel said if am not wrong even the parliament or the Government will know
    about the VYG…It was a great night that I even got Baptised.
    Lots of love from Sandra lopes( Stratford branch).

  2. Tony Bambi Croydon

    Sunday Live

    i use to look for happiness in party’s (shoobs), with the mandem and girls, but when i left, i felt empty, like nothing happened. Got involved in grime music and worldly Rap, making music for the gang i was rolling with.

    I was invited to Sunday Live VYG. i saw a lot of young people leaving gangs, no more fights, i just want to come even more. people wanted me for who i am. Now i have people who help me. Robbing guys for there phones to Leading guys out of the the streets



  3. Sunday live, is definitely live! From the dancing to the tribe competitions, sometimes I don’t even want it to end.

    It’s nice to see so many youths in one place without there being any friction or “clicks”. At first you may be shy like I was, but you’ll soon forget about your shyness. No matter what your talent or background is, in the VYG there’s something for everyone!

    Before being introduced to the VYG, I can admit that what is written above is exactly how my Sunday would be! I use to call Sunday my “sleep day”, I would sleep majority of the day and catch up on various soaps.

    Now, I’m up early and ready for whatever is thrown at me.


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