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Opening up

Arriving from her hometown in Congo, Bijoux found it hard to adjust to her new life in London. From witnessing domestic violence, to hating her father and mourning the death of a close family member. Bijoux’s internal pain seemed to have no solution, but one decision to open up and speak to someone, was her first step to a completely ...

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What will you decide?

The same way, in which God exists, so does evil (Satan). Today, lots of young people are strongly influenced by negativity, which, unfortunately, causes them to be trapped. How many youths are trapped in, watching pornography, masturbation, suicidal thoughts, depression, or drugs and alcohol? You can only, TRULY break free if YOU decide to EXERCISE your faith, based on God’s ...

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There are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation.

Why do the majority of young people who know the truth refuse to CHANGE? The answer is PRIDE. There is no sin more harmful than pride. Evil occurs today because of pride. Luckily, there are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation. The second part usually comes after you refuse to adopt the first. Humility is a choice. You can ...

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Getting to know you, Getting to know me

On the 30th September, the VYG Girls had such an amazing day. We began a series of meetings intended to invest in their growth. Mrs. Claudia Brito shared how, when growing up, her mother had no time to teach her important life skills. She had to learn most of what she knows the hard way. Hers was probably not a ...

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We have determined that this month of September will be the month of WINNING. Winning where? Winning in all aspects of your life. What you do will always equal to what you want. 3 simple advice. A. Choose 3 things that you know you need to work and you would like to achieve. B. Take intelligent actions based on what ...

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For the Casual Days

With exams here, why not look your best while solving that equation or writing that essay? Grab those jeans in your wardrobe and dress them up with a stylish turtleneck. Carry your flash cards and revision notes in a chic tassel bag and finish this look off with a pair of chunky black heels. By Victoria Azubuike

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