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Welcome to the VYG site

Welcome to the VYG website! As they say in Spanish: ‘mi casa es tu casa!’ This website features exclusive videos, weekly articles, our official VYG SoundCloud collection and much more! So take a look around and enjoy! If you would like to speak to someone from the VYG team please email vyg@uckg.org or call us on 0207 686 6000.  

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Month of December

As a young person, is the label of your life a bad one? do you feel despised, pushed aside and looked to as a nobody? Well, we have good news for you that can and WILL change your life!!! WINNERS never quit and QUITTERS never win!!! With only 4 weeks left until the end of the year, there is still ...

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Find out more

Topic for the month of  November – The Battlefield Many young people are not fully aware the spiritual battle they are in. The New Real Talk series will open their eyes to reality that the problems they face in life as a whole is not something that should be take has normal. We will open they eyes of the young ...

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Film premier

Coming to the big screen at your local VYG branch, on 1 October 2017! Check out the VYG Facebook page to see the latest behind the scenes and click here to see the official trailer. If you would like more information please email the vyg team at vyg@uckg.org or call our 24-hr helpline on 020 7686 6000.

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