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Challenges and weekly points

21 days | Tactic 2


Doubts  These are the type of doubts that bombard those who have not yet received the Holy Spirit: “You are a sinner” “You are always making mistakes” “God will never come inside of you.” These are the type of doubts that come to those who have received the Holy Spirit: “Are you really sure you have the Holy Spirit?” “You ...

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21 Days | Tactic 1


Exchanging bad information for good Christian movies/music is allowed in 21 days, right? – Yes but remember the aim is not to exchange one source of information for another. The devil’s tactics is that you do not take time to really spend time with God and  focus on just ‘refilling’ your time with ‘holy’ things.  

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21 days 21 tactics


So the 21 days has arrived, you are ready with your bible in hand and all distractions behind you, no social networks, no soap series to take your time, this is your moment to receive the Holy Spirit! But wait is it that easy? Well not quite, God has inspired this 21- days of the Fast of Daniel for you ...

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