Real-Life Stories

Real-Life Stories

Breaking free

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On the outside, Candice seemed to be living the high life! She had a good career and managed to travel the world. But that was far from the truth. She had an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, and loved to rave. But inside, she was unsatisfied with her life and didn’t like herself. It was only when she came to the ...

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Her pursuit to happiness


From a young age, Jessica, was introduced to pornography which turned into an addiction, which she found hard to let go of.  As well as this, she suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide. But she managed to turn her life around and is now a happy and successful young woman. Find out how, by watching her full story ...

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Taken by the streets


When Emiliano came to the UK, his life went from bad to worse. Coming from a broken home, Emiliano, carried a lot of anger within him which led him to become involved in the gang life. To make things worse he slept around and wasn’t happy with who he was. It was not until he came to the VYG that ...

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Taking control of his anger


Having seen his father’;s angry behaviour, Ngemi grew up being a very angry person and always wanted to start a fight with someone. However, a life changing event in his life, made him take the VYG meetings seriously, and experience a life transformation. Watch the video below to see his full story.

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Trying to fit in


After her dad left the house and her mum started suffering from depression, Denise became addicted to pornography, which ultimately had terrible consequences for her. Having suffered from a sexually transmitted disease, an abusive boyfriend, fake friends and internal sadness, Denise knew she needed help. After attending the VYG, she was able to break free from these issues and now ...

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Finding real happiness


Stephen suffered from a bad relationship with his mother and as he got older, he found himself becoming a frustrated person. On the outside, he looked happy, but inside he felt empty and suffered from sleepless nights, had an addiction to girls and was angry at life. However, he was able to overcome all of these issues and now has ...

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Realising her worth


Having moved to the UK to escape war in her home country, Amelia expected to live a better life. But instead suffered from depression, insecurities, drinking, bulimia and a bad relationship. But even though she went through all of this, Amelia managed to break free from all of these issues. Watch the video below to hear her full story!

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Leaving the past behind


  After a life changing event in her life, Taya was left feeling depressed and suicidal, and suffered from complexes. As well as this, her relationship with her mother was deteriorating day by day. However, by coming to the VYG, Taya was able to completely change her life for the better. Watch her story to find out more.

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Opening up


Arriving from her hometown in Congo, Bijoux found it hard to adjust to her new life in London. From witnessing domestic violence, to hating her father and mourning the death of a close family member. Bijoux’s internal pain seemed to have no solution, but one decision to open up and speak to someone, was her first step to a completely ...

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