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Real-Life Stories

Realising her worth

Having moved to the UK to escape war in her home country, Amelia expected to live a better life. But instead suffered from depression, insecurities, drinking, bulimia and a bad relationship. But even though she went through all of this, Amelia managed to break free from all of these issues. Watch the video below to hear her full story!

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Leaving the past behind

  After a life changing event in her life, Taya was left feeling depressed and suicidal, and suffered from complexes. As well as this, her relationship with her mother was deteriorating day by day. However, by coming to the VYG, Taya was able to completely change her life for the better. Watch her story to find out more.

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Opening up

Arriving from her hometown in Congo, Bijoux found it hard to adjust to her new life in London. From witnessing domestic violence, to hating her father and mourning the death of a close family member. Bijoux’s internal pain seemed to have no solution, but one decision to open up and speak to someone, was her first step to a completely ...

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I was ‘Mummy’s little girl’ until…

It all began when I moved to the UK. I was ‘Mummy’s little girl’ until I started secondary school and saw how other children behaved towards each other so I decided to do as they did in order to fit in. At first it was a way of fitting in but, as time went by, it became who I was. I turned out ...

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Controlled by the “game”

I didn’t want to play the game anymore. I didn’t want to do what he was asking me to do; I didn’t want to touch him in those places anymore, but who could I tell? Who would believe me? They would only say it was my fault; after all, I agreed to play the game… Soon after the abuse started ...

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She thought she knew, but she had no idea…

I had anger problems and because of this I would lash out on my mum. Things in my house were unbearable. There would be constant shouting, arguments and just no peace whatsoever. From primary school all the way through to college, I was bullied. However, I saw college as a way out, so I became the bully and adopted a ...

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