Real Talk

Real Talk

Never give up!


We watched a video – never give up tug of war video. 1 boy preserved to not cross the line which would have caused his whole team to lose. How does this relate to us? This is what the VYG is about and teaches us…. to never give up. Unfortunately, some people do choose to quit and give up along ...

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The Mind


We as young people can be very weak-minded. When our mindset is weak, we accept things too easily. We have to be brutal with negative thoughts. When a person is weak-minded, they even start to do things that they never imagined they would do. It is as if the person starts to malfunction, just like a mobile phone when it’s ...

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The truth behind pornography part 2


Being tempted is not a sin. However, it’s a sin to fall into temptation. No temptation has taken you except what is common to man. God is faithful, and He will not permit you to be tempted above what you can endure, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear ...

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The truth behind pornography Part 1


The first thing we need to understand is that as humans we have an appetite for sex. An appetite is a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, a craving or tendency. The word is often used in relation to food because eating and drinking are among our most basic appetites. Sex, however, is also one of the strongest human ...

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Just a thought…


In such a fast-paced world where things are constantly changing, it’s difficult to stop and think. Unfortunately, young people are the biggest victims of this issue and many face consequences in their lives due to poorly thought-out decisions. By definition, thinking is the ‘process of considering or reasoning about something’. Therefore, thinking means going through the pros and cons of ...

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What will you decide?


The same way, in which God exists, so does evil (Satan). Today, lots of young people are strongly influenced by negativity, which, unfortunately, causes them to be trapped. How many youths are trapped in, watching pornography, masturbation, suicidal thoughts, depression, or drugs and alcohol? You can only, TRULY break free if YOU decide to EXERCISE your faith, based on God’s ...

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There are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation.


Why do the majority of young people who know the truth refuse to CHANGE? The answer is PRIDE. There is no sin more harmful than pride. Evil occurs today because of pride. Luckily, there are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation. The second part usually comes after you refuse to adopt the first. Humility is a choice. You can ...

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We have determined that this month of September will be the month of WINNING. Winning where? Winning in all aspects of your life. What you do will always equal to what you want. 3 simple advice. A. Choose 3 things that you know you need to work and you would like to achieve. B. Take intelligent actions based on what ...

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