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Who are you?


No one likes fake people right? But everyone likes real people! God is the same.

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Because You’re Strong!


“(…) I have written to you, young men, BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.” (1 John 2:14)

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The 21-Day Fast of Daniel


Question: Why should I take part in the 21 days?

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You’re born to win!


You are born to win so do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise, you will make it!

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Don’t Give Up!


Perhaps you are thinking about giving up on life, but we tell you DON'T GIVE UP! Your change is just around the corner. Count on us because we are here to help.

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You Have Value!


Each and everyone of you have value! Its doesn't matter who you are or what you have done, you have value.

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The Key


Most young people lack one thing, one key ingredient to achieving their dreams, goals etc...

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The Dream


This will be a special night, for special people.

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Pray, Grind, Push


The Campaign didn't finish on the 13th, but the greatness has just begun, so keep praying, keep grinding and keep pushing to see the extraordinary!

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