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blckwallpaper-1280x1024 redwallpaper-1280x1024 VYGNEON VYG blck
VYG Black Wallpaper
VYG Red Wallpaper
Neon Wallpaper
VYG Vibe Wallpaper
vyg-wallpaper VYG glow Sinai 1
VYG Wallpaper
VYG Glow Wallpaper
VYG 4 Wallpaper
VYG 3 Wallpaper
VYG Wallpaper
Real Talk Wallpaper
Colour Wallpaper
VYG Glow Wallpaper



  1. its nice to create activities for youth.

  2. The new website is superb, the tribe names (well are they even still called tribes) are just awesome… Yeah there is a “But”… Mm with a new website one would expect to find new wallpapers, these ones are getting ancient if you know what i mean.. #justsaying.. ke just

    • Dear Oscar, Thank so you so much for your comment. We are working on getting new wallpapers up and improving the site even more as we go along. I am sure you can appreciate that a new site means a lot more work so please, be patient and watch this space as we will have new content here soon :).

      Kind Regards,

      The VYG Web Team.

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