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Good boy gone bad

“I remember times when I consumed so much alcohol I would just blackout and wake up the next morning in someone else’s bed. I was a total wreck! My life was a complete mess and I wanted to change, but I just didn’t know how.

I had grown up in a Christian household and was taught right from wrong, but I was curious to experience the bad side for myself.

So at the age of 16, I became an alcoholic and addicted to sex, but my biggest addiction was raving. Almost every day you would find me partying with friends and coming home at early hours of the morning drunk off my face. But those were only the external issues I was facing.

Internally, I was depressed, suicidal and had no mind of my own. During the day, I put on a façade in front of my friends and family to hide away the emptiness I was feeling, and at night, I would suffer from insomnia.

I had a 2-in-1 personality, but deep down the real me was crying out for help.

So when my mum found out about the VYG she encouraged me to go. There was something different about the place as soon as I stepped through the doors! I listened to the messages and realised what I needed to do in order to change. Everyone was so friendly and none of them judge me at all. I could see real people who really wanted the best for me.

I started to let go of all the friends that had a bad influence on me; I stopped socialising in places that I knew were only going to lead me to embarrass myself, and I started replacing negative actions with the positive and beneficial work with the Victory Youth Group. I noticed that the more I came and put into practice what I was hearing, the less empty I felt. I also received strength to overcome all my problems and complexes.

Today I’m extremely happy! I’m full of life and excited about my future. I am no longer addicted to alcohol, sex, and raving. Some people may say that I am not enjoying my life. Well, I believe real enjoyment comes when you are successful and settled in life. I am a completely new person on the inside and out. I am now the man that I have always dreamt of being in society!”

Jude Thomas, Wood Green

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