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Loves money, hates work

Many people don’t like to work. They hate making an effort. Remember those kids in school who would complain: “why do we have to study? Why do I have to go to school? I’m never gonna use this stuff…” If you were one of those kids, sorry. Better yet, I’m not sorry—you’ll understand what I’m talking about even better.

There are people who run away from work.

These people are the same ones who want to be rich, materialize their dream, and live a comfortable life, but they’re not willing to pay the price. Then they create illusions: that they’ll win the lottery, wait for a messianic politician that will save them, pray for God to do what they should do, blame others for their failure. And life goes on in the same routine.

Since these people genuinely believe that it’s possible to have a lot while doing a little, they sometimes even go around announcing or selling cheap ideas to gullible people. “Make easy money.” “Lose weight without starting a diet.” ” Get rich after work hours.” “Jesus loves you, you don’t need to sacrifice.” Consider yourself warned.

What these people want is for you to be like them – losers.

If you really want your life to change learn this right now, you can’t conquer a lot while doing a little. You either embrace the fight with ferocity and a thirst for victory, or accept your defeated situation once in for all.

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