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Michael Victor was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His experiences with his parents were traumatic, because of constant fights in his broken household, which resulting in him suffering from the same issue which affects millions of youths around the world – depression.

He had low self-esteem and was someone who didn’t believe in anything, losing the interest for studies and for his future. He became just one more ordinary number in society.

He was invited by a friend at the age of 15, to go to the VYG, and didn’t have a clue that this invitation would change his future completely.

Through the VYG, he was able to build his confidence, and was motivated to get along with his parents.  Not only that, he learned how to get his life back on track, to believe in his dreams and to never give up.

Today, Michael Victor is married to Antonia and, together, they are mentors of over one thousand youths across the UK. They currently offer free advice to young people facing difficulties overcoming past hurt, traumatic experiences, insecurities, depression, etc., via the VYG.

Victor is currently responsible for the Victory Youth Group in the UK, which is based at 25 branches.

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