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Rebel, broken and bitter

grew up without my parents and this created a gaping hole inside of me- my dad left when I was little and my mum had to work aboard to support us. Then I moved to England to be with my mum but again the emptiness was there. Then this developed into anger towards my mum. 

I started arguing back and disrespecting her, sometimes I even hated her! The void I had inside of me grew stronger and stronger until I started to live a lie. I pretended that everything was fine when it wasn’t! I pretended to be happy, to be someone else all the times, it was as though I had my own collection of personalities! From this I moved on to seeking attention from girls and my friends. I was a flirt and also very easily influenced! I was offered weed at school, which I took and would smoke at home and then drinking followed afterwards. But again none of these things filled the hole I had inside.

I then became very clingy to my girlfriend to the point that when she dumped me, I turned to magic spells to get her back.  However I got invited to the VYG before I could sink into the dark arts. I had been invited many times but always turned it down. But the time I accepted an invite, I really liked what I saw at the VYG. I liked the activities and decided to come back. This time I came to ’Real Talk’ and there I heard about change and thought that it was definitely for me. With the help of the advice sessions  I decided to let go of my past. To put aside all things that were bringing me down, the drinking, cigarettes, bad company and everything else that was making me suffer!

I paid attention to what was being said at the VYG and put the advice into practice. Soon all negativity and emptiness inside of me was gone! I said goodbye to that insecure, angry and obsessed old me and embraced the new, positive and happy me!”

Gino Suanuam, Nottingham

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