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VYG at BSix College

Tuesday November 20th was a day to remember for Bsix College Students in East London.

The Victory Youth Group took its well know WhereUGoing? tour to the College theatre and put on an outstanding show for more than 100 students.

The VYG performed a variety of their songs and offered students the opportunity to get off their feet and showcase their talent. Trophies were won for the best Azonto, dougie and break dancer.


But it wasn’t only about the live entertainment and competitions. The VYG is more than a place for youths to come and let off some steam and indulge in activities – it provides youths with a point of contact to speak to someone who’s been through exactly what they’re going through.


Matarr Gaye spoke about his life on the roads, where he’d deal with dirty money, got shot and served time in prison. He explained that no one loves the roads and no matter how much of a “big shot” you pose yourself off as, there will come a point when reality will kick in. Once he served his time in prison, he came to the VYG and wasn’t judged or kept at arms length, but he was offered hands on support which has allowed him to reconstruct his life and be in the early days of his business.

Similarly Shelley Yeboah who had just left the college the previous year shared her experience in the Youth Group. When she first started at the college, she was a tyrant on the roads, to the teachers and students. She shared details about the multiple men she had been sexually involved with and the fact that she had an abortion at only 15 years-old. She would fight from club to club, got served with a curfew and was continuously adding to her criminal record. But this all changed when one of her class-mates at Bsix invited her to the VYG. It wasn’t easy, but she was able to forgive herself and others, whilst putting things right with her education, so much so that she earned herself the position as Student President –  something she never thought she’d be accepted to do.


The event swiftly came to an end and students wanted to know more. They were offered more information about the VYG, how they can get involved and were directed to the WhereUGoing? TV show which airs live every Saturday @ 4pm on Sky 203.

You can watch previous shows here.

Would you like the VYG to tour in your school/college too? Contact us holla@victoryyouthgroup.co.uk

Stay tuned to find out if the Where U Going? tour will be coming to a School or College near you.

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