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What We Do

The VYG (Victory Youth Group) is open to all young people aged 14-25. It is a positive environment that encourages young people to make something of themselves and to change their lives around no matter what mistakes they have made in the past. Here are a few things that we do that you can benefit from:

Sunday Live

Team Bolt, Sky, Epic, Nitro, Flawless, Dynamic, Pulse & Xtreme battle it out to the top of the leader-board in competitions involving music, drama, dance, poetry and challenges. Everyone that decides to join one of the teams engages in an extraordinary way of developing confidence, discovering talents and bringing the best out of them. As well as a fun and entertaining way to keep yourself busy.

Many joined Sunday Live with low self-esteem and lack of confidence and in a few weeks, they were already performing in front of hundreds, sometimes even thousands in one of our youth events.

Sunday Live takes place every Sunday 1.30pm in all our VYG branches across the UK.

Are you down for it? Email us: info@victoryyouthgroup.co.uk

Real Talk

Many say that the Truth hurts. We say the Truth sets you free. Nothing is withheld in these meetings where the main topic is always down to Earth and so clear to understand that it has been causing a great impact in the lives of those who have been attending these meetings. Sex, studies, family, career and health… you name it, we talk about it.

Whatever meeting you come to, you’ll be sure to leave with an inspiring message. And if you need a little one to one, youth mentors are always available to talk or answer questions at any time during the week.

Real Talk meetings happen every Wednesday 6pm at your local VYG branch.

VYG Records

The label originated after watching a very disturbing music video where the rapper was swearing in every sentence, injecting drugs into his veins and at the end of the video, insinuated his death by putting a rope around his neck and committing suicide. We were shocked to see that the music video had over million views on YouTube. So we thought if he could send such a negative message and be so popular then with our music we can share some light and a positive message.

Where the sky is not the limit but the starting point. Thus, VYG members and newcomers get the chance to showcase their talent by performing in our events after passing the auditions. Some also get to record their inspirational music with the VYG Records.

Would you like to be part of it? Do you have a talent for song writing, sound engineering or singing? Why not join the VYG Records and make a positive impact in society? Email us: info@victoryyouthgroup.co.uk


Imagine over 300 young people from various parts of London all dressed uniformly with a fresh white polo shirt and colourful chinos flooding Thorpe Park. Can you picture it?

The VYG promotes a yearly competition called ‘Race of Rides’ where teams are challenged to ride as many times as possible during their stay at the park. It is the liveliest trip that the VYG organises. There’s so much positivity and vibrancy when we come together that even those around join in to sing our chant with us. If you’re ready to swing, fly, drop and twist, then be ready for ‘Race of Rides’.

MANual – Becoming a Man, the Right way

We’ve heard of how messed up youths can be without a strong male figure in their lives and so MANual was created. It’s an innovative program that has been empowering hundreds of young men to become successful adults, husbands, fathers and businessman.

It’s clear to see that real manhood is becoming extinct with time and that few men are actually making it in life. The practical advice and real stories of the struggles and achievements of some young men has been an inspiration and motivation for those who perhaps never thought they could achieve anything and for those who grew up without a father figure in their lives.

The MANual meetings happen every other Thursday 7pm at our Stamford Hill branch. Visit our addresses page for details or call 0207 686 6000. (24-hrs)


One of the greatest issues in London is the fact that young people cannot mix because of their post codes. South doesn’t mix with North, one ‘endz’ doesn’t mix with the other and so on. But there’s something special and eye catching whenever we gather over 1000 youths from different parts of London in one place for our events. We have so much unity and togetherness that it’s contagious. Even first timers are amazed to see young people smiling and enjoying each other’s company as the dance, drama and singing performances wow the crowd.

The events always takes place at the Rainbow Theatre, the Headquarters of the Victory Youth Group in the UK and it has been the stage of great events that are remembered with pride: Where U Going? Event, V-Day Awards, Home Bitter Home – A Musical Drama, Alive and Reborn Night Vigil are just a few to mention.


Football tournaments and friendly matches between teams. We also do competitions and challenges to encourage young people to eat healthy and join the five a day fruit and veg from time to time.

Whether if you have a passion for football or have chicken legs, you’re more than welcome to join VYG Sports every Saturday 3pm at your local branch.

Mentoring / One to One advice

A team of youth pastors and mentors are always on standby in any of our Centres ready to listen and give practical advice to help you overcome any issue that you may be going through. They all speak from their own experiences where pain, hurt, addiction and a broken home were part of their day-to-day lives.

But through the help of the VYG they managed to turn their lives around and are today a positive role model to whoever walks into the Centre. No one will ever judge or look down at you who are seeking help because we’ve been there and we’ve felt the pain that you are feeling. Sometimes, it takes a young person to understand another. Also for those who want, a prayer of faith, which works wonders to those who are open to receive it, often follows the advice.

If you’d like to speak to someone privately about your problems, or are finding it hard to overcome your past, you can email us now and book an appointment.

Females may want to speak to a female mentor, which is perfectly fine. Email: pastor@victoryyouthgroup.co.uk

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