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Why are you shouting at me?

I don’t really know why you are shouting at your Mum, but whatever the reason, it’s just not right.  Words can be really harmful. They can actually kill.

Look at it this way – she brought you up with the best intentions, wishing and dreaming that you would become someone great one day and, even though sometimes you gave her a hard time, she still forgave you and overlooked all that had happened.

But, to keep on shouting and arguing, disobeying and mistreating your Mum will ensure you send her to an early grave. No heart can take on so much!

Regardless if she can be the busiest Mum in the world or the most stubborn traditional parent, she’s still your Mum. So, words such as:  I hate you, get out of my life, f*** off, leave me alone, I don’t care about what you think, shut up, you’re a witch, and words like these are as harmful as a punch in the face or twisting a knife in the heart.

So, decide to make a change in yourself!

Approach your mum tonight and tell her that you’re sorry for what you’ve been doing and saying, and for all the heartache you’ve been causing her. She might ignore you but, even so, keep on doing it after a while and she will soften eventually.

Believe me! I’ve been there. The habit wasn’t easy to break, because her heart was as hard as a stone after all that I’d said and done!


Miguel Lacerda | VYG Youth Mentor

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