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Young Entrepreneurs

In the business world, getting the right partner is just as important as getting the right product. What if you choose the wrong person? What if your partner becomes a thorn in your side? Or is someone who is so lazy and unprofitable that they become a loss instead of a profit to your company — like I said, it’s all very risky! Aged 20 and 19, Julious Joseph and Caric James together with two other colleagues decided join in their business venture. They tell their story.

“We had the same passion for sports and the same vision — we didn’t want to work for other people. Why spend time making someone else rich when we could be investing all our efforts in making ourselves rich? So we had an idea to open up a sports academy called Pro Excellence Sports Academy (PESA). We started from absolutely nothing! No investors or sponsors, no equipment and no clients. But we believed. In 2011, we started a summer camp, but had zero attendance for three weeks! Putting it simply, we were failing. Filled with thoughts of giving up, we chose to ignore them and carry on pursuing our dream. We formed links with CITY Young Man’s Christian Association (YMCA) who provided PESA with a lot of recourses such as equipment, support and guidance. This was the first stage of our steady rise to success.

As time went on, we were able to secure a year’s worth of football coaching bookings, which was supported by Islington Council. Then, in August 2012, we started coaching during the school holidays and we were breaking all projected targets! Seeing our success, PESA was nominated for ‘Youth Project of the Year’ and the other was for ‘Sporting Team of the Year’. And we won both of these awards!

As it stands, there is a complete difference between where we are now and where we were a year ago! Because of the sacrifices we made, we currently have projects running throughout Islington Borough and recently our funding bid was accepted to start boxing and Muay Tai.

We also work with professional football clubs recruiting young aspiring footballers. We’re growing from strength to strength and are very grateful to God, as without Him our business would still be in the dumps!”

CEO Julious Joseph and MD Caric James

Finsbury Park

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