Monthly Archives: October 2016

There are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation.


Why do the majority of young people who know the truth refuse to CHANGE? The answer is PRIDE. There is no sin more harmful than pride. Evil occurs today because of pride. Luckily, there are two cures to pride: humility and humiliation. The second part usually comes after you refuse to adopt the first. Humility is a choice. You can ...

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Annie Sali


Watch Annie's real-life story, her battles and her struggles and how she managed to turn her life around.

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Getting to know you, Getting to know me

On the 30th September, the VYG Girls had such an amazing day. We began a series of meetings intended to invest in their growth. Mrs. Claudia Brito shared how, when growing up, her mother had no time to teach her important life skills. She had to learn most of what she knows the hard way. Hers was probably not a ...

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