Monthly Archives: November 2016

Opening up


Arriving from her hometown in Congo, Bijoux found it hard to adjust to her new life in London. From witnessing domestic violence, to hating her father and mourning the death of a close family member. Bijoux’s internal pain seemed to have no solution, but one decision to open up and speak to someone, was her first step to a completely ...

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What will you decide?


The same way, in which God exists, so does evil (Satan). Today, lots of young people are strongly influenced by negativity, which, unfortunately, causes them to be trapped. How many youths are trapped in, watching pornography, masturbation, suicidal thoughts, depression, or drugs and alcohol? You can only, TRULY break free if YOU decide to EXERCISE your faith, based on God’s ...

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Vikisha Misselbrook


Another powerful real-life story of how a young lady, who found herself in the pit of despair, managed to find her way out and now leads a more positive lifestyle.

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