Monthly Archives: January 2017

Six ways to be healthy on a student budget


1.Cook your food  A great way to save money is to cook your own meals. Not only will they be more filling, but it is also proven that cooking your own food is healthier than eating out. 2. Plan ahead Plan what you are going to eat during the week and make a list of groceries you will need to ...

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New Year, New Direction?


Many people start a new year with new goals for their career. This may be to set up a new business or to get a promotion at work. People begin with a plan to make the new year the best for them. However, many people give up on their career goals when they don’t see results as quickly as they ...

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The Modern Relationship


Remember the old days, when social media didn’t exist and people actually talked to each other? Remember a time when people weren’t always stuck to their phones? Well, those days are long gone. Social media and the digital world have taken our full, undivided attention and we spend the majority of the day on our phones instead of communicating with ...

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