21 days 21 tactics


So the 21 days has arrived, you are ready with your bible in hand and all distractions behind you, no social networks, no soap series to take your time, this is your moment to receive the Holy Spirit! But wait is it that easy?

Well not quite, God has inspired this 21- days of the Fast of Daniel for you to receive the Holy Spirit, but guess who else is in these 21 days? Yep you guessed right.. negative spirits! Just like each day we are empowered with uplifting messages of faith and God’s Word, negative spirits also have their own tactics to use against us. They have 21 tactics (and more) to ensure that you fail and not reach your goal, he will try everything to stop you, but here is the way to counterattack! If you know his tactics you can avoid them.

It is for this reason, each day we will share with you 1 tactic these negative spirits use to stop us from receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit or from being renewed.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift anyone can receive. Outsmart the negative one, don’t let anything take you away from your goal.

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