Below the waist | Above the shoulders

Below the waist | Above the shouldersWhy is it so easy for someone to receive a label because of their frisky actions below the waste, rather than becoming known because of their successful, exemplary accomplishments which is thought out above their shoulders?

Sex sells! Cheap items attract many customers. The likes of the 99p store and Primark always look like a jumble sale because no one respects the signs and partitions.

I could never forget how things were at school. The guys would always touch and feel the girls who didn’t kick up a fuss; everyone would be attracted to them! Then there were the ones who they knew they couldn’t do certain things to. Looking back at it now, it’s funny, because everyone wanted to be the girl that got the attention, but little did they know was – they weren’t getting that sort of attention because they were respected.

Maybe you’re not getting attention because you’re too pricey. You’re not cheap and anyone who knows it knows that he needs to work on himself much more before he can even think of being worthy enough to deserve you.

On the other hand, you may be cheap and at a level where everyone can reach you.  Subsequently, you’ve become this cheap item which attracts a lot of attention.

Increase your value and attract the right kind of attention because of the beauty of what’s above your shoulders, without having to use what’s below your waist.

Think! The Destination of your life is in your hands.

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