Relationships & Family

The Modern Relationship


Remember the old days, when social media didn’t exist and people actually talked to each other? Remember a time when people weren’t always stuck to their phones? Well, those days are long gone. Social media and the digital world have taken our full, undivided attention and we spend the majority of the day on our phones instead of communicating with ...

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Green Envy


Have you ever seen someone on Instagram or another form of social media, and thought, “Wow! I wish I could look like that” or “This person’s life looks so much better than mine…” When we see how other people live or look, we tend to compare ourselves to them and we look down on ourselves. And if we do not ...

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“I am working on it” disease 


Have you ever spoken to someone who “knows it all” but never backs up their knowledge with results? That friend who always answers questions and, sometimes, explains to others but ends up getting the lowest grade? You then think to yourself, ‘awkward!’  Now, let’s look at ourselves. Sometimes we say to ourselves, ‘I need to stop this, I need to ...

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He’s just not that in to you | “Side Chick Syndrome”


In the world we live in today, everything is backwards! What is right is looked at as ‘wrong’ and what is wrong is looked at as right.  This is seen the most in relationships, where a new epidemic has gripped our society – the “side chick”. First, let’s define the word. A side Chick is the other woman also known ...

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The blame game


There’s one thing which I’ve always been curious about – when a parent says, “Don’t hang around with that person; they’re a bad influence”.  I’m one hundred percent sure that the parent of that “bad influence” is saying the same thing about the other child. So what’s happening here?  Are they both bad influences? Did they make each other bad ...

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My ride or die


She said she was my ride or die and that she would have my back, but when things got tough I saw exactly that. The back of her head and the way she turned back on her words someone I once trusted, acting completely absurd. Her actions scarred me, and enabled me to trust less whenever I’m around females, I ...

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He’s up for it, so am I, why not?


– I am 16 years old and I don’t see the problem in having sex if the guy’s up for it and I am up for it. Why wait for being in a relationship or to be married? – It is completely up to you, if you want to have sex. The main concern is your safety – not just physically ...

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Below the waist | Above the shoulders


Why is it so easy for someone to receive a label because of their frisky actions below the waste, rather than becoming known because of their successful, exemplary accomplishments which is thought out above their shoulders? Sex sells! Cheap items attract many customers. The likes of the 99p store and Primark always look like a jumble sale because no one ...

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