Life’s worth living


Violence – especially amongst young people; especially involving knives – has dominated the headlines in an alarming way. At the time this leaflet was made, six people were killed in the space of seven days. By the time this leaflet reached your hands, it’s likely that this number has more than doubled. Something needs to be done. Something needs to ...

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Topic for the month of  November – The Battlefield Many young people are not fully aware the spiritual battle they are in. The New Real Talk series will open their eyes to reality that the problems they face in life as a whole is not something that should be take has normal. We will open they eyes of the young ...

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Film premier


Coming to the big screen at your local VYG branch, on 1 October 2017! Check out the VYG Facebook page to see the latest behind the scenes and click here to see the official trailer. If you would like more information please email the vyg team at vyg@uckg.org or call our 24-hr helpline on 020 7686 6000.

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On the 27 August all of the vyg branches in London will be coming together to fight it out for the title of the best vyg team of the season, so get your whistle out and get ready to make your team this season’s winner! As well as, having all the vyg branches come together, there will also be an ...

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The Calling

Have you ever considered that your life could be destined for something greater? You are not crazy to think this way – this just means that you have a bigger vision for yourself, but perhaps you don’t know how to go about it. That’s why we will be helping you to accomplish your goals this month. If you’re not sure ...

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Welcome to the VYG website! As they say in Spanish: ‘mi casa es tu casa!’ This website features exclusive videos, weekly articles, our official VYG SoundCloud collection and much more! So take a look around and enjoy! If you would like to speak to someone from the VYG team please email vyg@uckg.org or call us on 0207 686 6000.  

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The Apprentice Challenge

Hello Everyone 😁😁😁 This Sunday will be 2 Thunder Tasks and one MAIN Thunder Task Since we will be introducing VYG Apprentice. VYG Apprentice will follow through until the first week of May. The First challenge for the following Sunday 16th of April is: Innovative Product In this challenge each team will have to bring their creative minds together to ...

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