Desperate times call for desperate measures!

depseratetimesHave you ever been in a situation where you knew that if something was done, you would LOSE OUT or FAIL?  You can’t think of one?

Here’s an example!  You’ve been ignoring some coursework, assignment or exam – revision that was handed out weeks or months ago, and it’s the last day or hours before the deadline.  In your head, you say to yourself, “I don’t wanna flop”, so this desperate situation forces you to skip sleep, breakfast, lunch, dinner, going out with the your mates or, in some cases, being absent from work.

Why? Because you were desperate!  At times, you even manage to pull it off and do well, but we all know that this isn’t always the case and anything that is done in a rush or under pressure isn’t done with our best efforts, and tends to have a lot of mistakes.

It is in the desperate times that we take those drastic measures towards changing a serious situation in our lives, be it – career, education, family, future, etc., because we are forced to do something that we don’t normally do, something outside our nature.

Learn a lesson and push yourself to your limit. You will be surprised, mate!