Getting to know you, Getting to know me

On the 30th September, the VYG Girls had such an amazing day. We began a series of meetings intended to invest in their growth. Mrs. Claudia Brito shared how, when growing up, her mother had no time to teach her important life skills. She had to learn most of what she knows the hard way. Hers was probably not a unique case. Bearing in mind that many women are now having to balance careers and family, many mothers may find it hard to properly invest in their daughters. With these meetings, we are hoping to partner up with them.

We will be helping the young women to learn how to behave in social situations like when invited to a formal dinner, how to invest in their appearance and etiquette, in order to gain respect and admiration, how to prepare for a good career, etc.

In each meeting, we will share secrets based on personal experiences, which will be exclusively for those who attend the meetings. If you are curious and interested, you are more than welcome to come join us.

Yesterday’s secrets came from Mrs. Claudia Brito and Love Talk presenter, Helena Marques. The girls paid close attention to the tips that were shared and many confessed to having learned something new. During the meeting, we also had a prize draw and the winner received some beauty products. But, no one came out a loser as each girl that attended the meeting received a gift bag with great goodies.

Are you between the age of 14-25 years old and you are interested in joining these meetings? We meet up every Friday at 6:30pm and you can connect from your local UCKG branch.

Were you present at yesterday’s meeting? Leave your comments below and share your experiences with us. 14463162_1110055365747447_5328417262580524239_n-1