Gloria Bennett

Gloria made the decision to return to God in the New Year’s Night Vigil 2017. Before making this decision, Gloria was unemployed and dependent on Job Seekers Allowance, which made her very depressed. She had grudges, anger and hatred towards the church, it’s members and even God. She had bad eyes towards every good thing. This made it very hard for her to accept the fact that she needed to come back to God. Deep within, Gloria wasn’t happy and she would force herself to smile and look happy but deep inside, she felt down which led her to get involved with things she shouldn’t have.


Before                                                           After 

When Gloria made a decision to come back to God she had to forgive and seek forgiveness from those she held a grudge against and most importantly, seek forgiveness from God. Since Gloria decided to be humble and accept God, she can confidently say she has seen God work in her life. She has been blessed with two jobs as a full time Civil Enforcement Officer and a part time Police Officer, therefore she no longer needs to rely on benefits but is able to balance both for the Glory of God.

Gloria’s spiritual life is developing. She decided to take part in a movement of faith called the 21 days. During the 21 days Gloria applied herself fully and she did things she wouldn’t usually do, because she wanted a transformation from within, she wanted to be new from inside out. She didn’t allow things around her to distract her. Gloria says she has experienced a change in her character and mind set as she has let God lead her life. Now more than anything Gloria wants to continue growing in her faith and she wants to be a living testimony for the Lord Jesus. She is certain that this is just the beginning.


  1. Oliver Byaruhanga

    Well done Gloria, many more great things to come!