He’s just not that in to you | “Side Chick Syndrome”

sidechickIn the world we live in today, everything is backwards! What is right is looked at as ‘wrong’ and what is wrong is looked at as right. 

This is seen the most in relationships, where a new epidemic has gripped our society – the “side chick”.

First, let’s define the word. A side Chick is the other woman also known as, the mistress.  She is not a wife or a girlfriend but she has relations with the man while he is in another relationship.

Young girls get involved with guys, at times, fully aware that they are in a relationship. WHY? Because they build up this idea that they can “change him” and, eventually, make him leave his relationship and have something exclusive with them.

Bearing in mind, usually, the guy only ever contacts her for “benefits” and hides her from friends and family.

Does this sound familiar?

If you find yourself with symptoms like these, don’t panic! Simply make a decision to put your self-value above that relationship and invest in someone who will appreciate your self-worth and who, in turn, will invest completely in you.

Girl, he’s just not that in to you.