Home Bitter Home

Release date: 28th October 2018

After losing his younger brother Akin, Tommy has never been the same. His family have become more divided and his girlfriend is hesitant to give him a chance. It gets worse further into the story, shocking truths are revealed and Tommy digs himself a deeper hole. Both Tommy and his enemy want blood and will stop at nothing to get it.

Meanwhile Sarah, Akin’s girlfriend is also feeling the pain of losing him, she distances herself from everyone else to the point where she stops going to school. After many attempts her friend Sekou, manages to get her out of the house and helps her continue with life as normal as possible. However, it becomes harder to do so as she comes across a fairly familiar face, that brings back memories from the past.

Near the end of the film many lines get blurred, all the lies and secrets are revealed and we get to see the compassionate side of even the hardest of hearts.

Cast: Michael Oseyemi, , Mark Higgins, Matthew Timothy Walters, Nnamdi Okonne, Bevincia Semper, Kemi Bolodeoku, Deji Gbakinro, Moses Abimbola , Tárcia Miguel, Hugo Martins, Olamide Olanrewaju, Christel Koney, Promise E Asaenaepha, Felix Ahorlu

Director: Michael Junior

Showing in: 2D

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