I am not drunk, why do you think that?

drunkEverything is blurry and out of focus.  You blink and try to concentrate on your friend’s face to process what she is saying but your brain cannot make out the words which are coming out of her mouth. You’re really trying to focus but the room is spinning as if to distract you. 

Then, you see something pretty.  It’s a lit cigarette and it’s much more interesting than what your friend is saying so you take a cigarette out of your own pack and light up.  The intensity of the pull hits the back of your throat, which makes you cough and hiccup at the same time. This is hilarious to you so you look around to others in the room and wonder why they don’t find this as hilarious as you do. Then you see their facial expressions, which look at you with pity.

You wonder what you did to deserve their pity. Then these words hit your ears, “You’re drunk.  Time for us to leave before we get chucked out”.

“I am not drunk”, you reply in a slur, as you struggle to get up from your stool. “It’s 12 in the afternoon, I’m not a lightweight!”

You try your best to put on your sober face and put your best argument forward, knowing that you failed before you even started.  You try to stand still but your legs are not working properly and you end up falling down.

How many times have you drunk yourself to a silly state? How many times have you woken up, not remembering how you got home the night before? How many times do you see yourself drinking from 10pm?

Sometimes we think our friends will be there to hold our hair when we are puking in the toilet, but what happens when you live like this day in and day out? What are you trying to run away from?  Are you noticing a pattern?

An addiction starts off little by little, until you realize that it’s too late. How many more times will it take for you to realize you’re spending your time on things which will not add anything positive to your life and future?

Decide to change. The destination of your life is in your hands!