“I am working on it” disease 

workingonitHave you ever spoken to someone who “knows it all” but never backs up their knowledge with results? That friend who always answers questions and, sometimes, explains to others but ends up getting the lowest grade? You then think to yourself, ‘awkward!’ 

Now, let’s look at ourselves. Sometimes we say to ourselves, ‘I need to stop this, I need to work on this or, if I started doing this my family or relationship would be better’ yet, we do nothing, but then complain about the state of our family or our relationships.

This is a big sign of the “I’m working on it” disease, where we place these crucial changes on a list of, ‘I’m working on it’, rather than doing something to change it. We then leave the list there, comfortable with the fact that it’s in that pile of things we need to work on.

Now, here comes the REALITY CHECK! Most of these things we need to work on must be done immediately and worked on consistently. If that thought comes to us, saying, ‘wait it’s not that bad or, they are only small things – such as – I’m moody at times, etc.’, we will fail to see that our moody attitude automatically conveys our negativity onto others and forms a bad environment around us. This environment could possibly lead to tension and arguments.

What is the CURE, you may ask? Well, we simply need to search for ways to improve ourselves, in order to change and positively build on that situation at home or with our relationships.

Next, act straight away!!!

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  1. I love this article it has really opened my eyes to how I act, sometimes without realizing I put on a front which is clear to me now it’s some sort of insecurity. I noticed it was not normal but now I know it’s my fault I have not developed more. I will act on these points and I hope other youths are equally motivated to do the same so we can grow.