I craved change


“I remember trying to stop several times, but I could not. I felt like I was stuck. At such an early and innocent age, I became addicted to pornography.” As time passed, these addictions made Anifa Da Silva feel extremely insecure. Her self-esteem was low and she constantly compared herself to other girls.

“During this period of my life, I frequently suffered from attacks in the night. I couldn’t explain them. I felt like I was not good enough; I always craved attention and felt lonely and lost. Consequently, I became heavily depressed.

My mother told me how important it was for me to change. She knew that I was depressed. I told her that I wanted to kill myself, that I wanted to put an end to my suffering.

My mother googled the word ‘deliverance’, and the first link that came up was for the UCKG website. She read through the testimonies and really believed that my life would change if I went there.

I called the 24-hr helpline and booked an appointment with the pastor who held the Addiction Cleansing Therapy sessions. The pastor spoke to me, looked me in the eye and said: “You are going to be free from this addiction. I made a decision to give my all and to completely surrender to God. I craved change and wanted God more than anything else. I knew that only He could make me complete. I needed to have peace, joy, and happiness within me. I had heard about the Holy Spirit in the church and so I poured out everything to God.

The day I received the Holy Spirit, I remember having the assurance that God was
within me. I was different; it was not a feeling, but a reassuring certainty. My life has been completely transformed now; I have been delivered from everything that was holding me back.

By receiving the Holy Spirit, I received what I was desperately seeking. I had been looking for it in people, but only God was able to give it to me–the strength, the boldness and most importantly, the assurance that He lives within me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I no longer suffer from depression, anxiety, or any addiction. I am con dent and, above everything, I have God with me. My life could not be better.

Anifa Da Silva