Protect your mind


When we set our minds on the things of this world, we begin to have things in common with Satan (the devil), who will take advantage of our misguided hearts and attempt to deceive and destroy us.

When our hearts are not filled with FAITH, they are defeated by any word, even meaningless words can have a devastating effect on our lives!

At times, what we get all upset about is merely a storm in a tea cup (something so small), but this is what happens when our minds are TOO BUSY with this world.

EXCERCISING FAITH keeps us busy with the things from above-things that are true and eternal. This is when we identify the voice of the devil and his demons and immediately FIGHT BACK!

The devil is going to try it with us even this week! it’s up to us to FIIGHT BACK!

As I always say IT IS A CONSTANT WAR!


Stay strong!

God is with us!