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Topic for the month of  November – The Battlefield

Many young people are not fully aware the spiritual battle they are in.

The New Real Talk series will open their eyes to reality that the problems they face in life as a whole is not something that should be take has normal.

We will open they eyes of the young people to make them all understand the LIFE here on earth is a battle.

Right now we are all here in the battlefield.

Many are caught with addictions to

  • Porn
  • Sex
  • Drugs

Issues with money, family, the goes on.

We can’t fight a spiritual battle with physical tools.

So that’s why it’s called the Battlefield

Join us this Wednesday at 6pm as we dive into this topic! A meeting not to be missed!

What do I need to come to this meeting? 

Nothing, just an open mind.

Can I bring a friend? 

The more, the merrier!


Every Wednesday at 6pm.


Our headquarters are located in the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, however, we have many other branches in London. If you would like to find a branch closer to you please call our Helpline on 020 7686 6000 or email the Youth Group at

Event: Real Talk meetings
Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 6pm
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre