Six ways to be healthy on a student budget


1.Cook your food 

A great way to save money is to cook your own meals. Not only will they be more filling, but it is also proven that cooking your own food is healthier than eating out.

2. Plan ahead

Plan what you are going to eat during the week and make a list of groceries you will need to buy.

3. Buy in bulk 

Buying in bulk is cheaper and will last much longer.

4. Change your diet 

You don’t need to make drastic changes straight away: just find healthy alternatives that you will enjoy. For example, swap white bread for wholegrain brown bread and white pasta for brown pasta.

5. Buy frozen vegetables 

Frozen vegetables are cheaper to buy and easier to cook and, because they are frozen, they can be stored longer.

6. Cook simple meals 

Instead of trying to cook a ten-ingredient gourmet meal, cook simpler meals that are filling as well as healthy. For example, chicken with a side of vegetables and rice is a great meal. If you don’t know where to start, research some recipes online or ask family members for some suggestions.


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  1. this is very helpful tips for every people.especially i like this .thank you for this tips