Tatianna Lino

Before coming to the VYG Tatianna’s financial life was practically non-existent. She was very young at the time and didn’t know what she wanted to do career wise when she left college. She was exploring most courses to gain experience, she then settled into childcare at 17 earning just the minimum wage. Initially, Tatianna didn’t mind her financial state as she believed it was enough to cope with, as she was living in her mother’s house and didn’t have many bills to pay.

Tatianna started attending the financial meetings on Monday which encouraged her to have vision in life. She then took a bold step and resigned from her childcare job to follow a different career path. A door was opened for Tatianna and she was given an opportunity to work for a company which provided the training she needed to progress in her desired job area. She was later able to progress in her desired career path and joined a company with a better job position as well as higher salary.

Since the beginning of the year Tatianna has been using her faith by giving the tithe of the salary she wanted to earn and God really honoured her faith and she was able to see the results. She was even able to purchase the car that she wanted last week.

Tatianna’s financial life today is a blessing, she says it’s not where she wants it to be yet, but she is certain that God has greater plans for her. She can now say that she has more vision and ambition in her financial life and strives to be the best in what she does.