Teresa Malecama

Until the age of 9, Teresa had a normal childhood. From then on the house she once considered a safe haven became a place where many sad situations began to happen. Her dad would spend a lot of time outside the house and her mother began to drink very heavily each day. Theresa started helping her mum around the from a very young age. A few years later the situation got worse. Her mother started having constant fainting spells at home and spiritual attacks. Theresa’s sister who was 9 years younger than her was very rebellious. There was verbal and physical aggression between the two. Not long after, Theresa discovered that her mother had been a victim of witchcraft and that there was a hereditary evil. Just like her mother suffered, she would suffer in the future, that’s what she was told. Theresa began to have many nightmares, fear of sleeping, fear of being close to family members, fear of growing up, fear of the future. Her mother even went to wizards, made trips and works to undo what had been done, but nothing solved it , on the contrary, it became worse.

teresamalecama2                                           Teresa before her life changed for the better 

With these problems Theresa’s house was no longer the place where she felt safe. Theresa took refuge in her friends. At school she was happy and wanted to be part of the group and do everything they did. Swearing, rebellion, fighting, confusion whatever it took to get everyone’s attention, she’d do it. Over time Theresa started to feel like the girl who recieved no attention and started to wear provocative clothes to attract the attention from boys she wanted. Nevertheless she never had the relationship she wanted. She soon began very insecure and had many complexes.
Theresa used social media to fill the void she felt inside. On social media she could be the person she thought she wanted to be. She’d post revealing photos and have online relationships with several people, even boys from different countries.

She wanted to change but thought she couldn’t. Relief was all she wanted! Her mum was advised to attend the UCKG HelpCentre and not long after she followed.

Theresa took what she learnt seriously at the HelpCentre. She made a decision to stop lying and swearing but agrees that when she left the virtual relationships she became totally free. Free from the traumas she had, from the fears that she had for years. She received the Holy Spirit and today is happy and free as is her mother.