The Apprentice Challenge


Hello Everyone 😁😁😁

This Sunday will be 2 Thunder Tasks

and one MAIN Thunder Task

Since we will be introducing VYG Apprentice. VYG Apprentice will follow through until the first week of May.

The First challenge for the following Sunday 16th of April is:

Innovative Product

In this challenge each team will have to bring their creative minds together to create an Innovative Product. China is famously known for being very innovative and has been linked to the manufacturing and creation of some of the modern day gadgets we use daily. Each team will attempt to create a digital Prototype of an Innovative Product/Service/Commodity/Technology. They will have one week to complete this challenge and will have to present it to the panel of judges.
They can decide how they want the presentation to be (PowerPoint, Video, Prototype)

➢ Presentation
➢ Team Work
➢ Innovative Idea
➢ Creativity
➢ Effort

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