The blame game

blamegameThere’s one thing which I’ve always been curious about – when a parent says, “Don’t hang around with that person; they’re a bad influence”.  I’m one hundred percent sure that the parent of that “bad influence” is saying the same thing about the other child.

So what’s happening here?  Are they both bad influences? Did they make each other bad or, did a third party influence one or both of them to begin with?

It’s quite obvious that two goods can’t make a bad, so who do we blame it on? We could say the parent or, the environment but, if it is the parent’s fault, then this would mean that the child is not the source of the problem; instead, the source of the problem is the parent. Therefore, removing the root cause would stop the problem. Yet, it’s virtually impossible to remove a kid from these things.

However, there is one thing we can do. Stop the ‘name and blame’ habit and actually do something about it!

This means that once we detect the “root cause” of the influence, we must get rid of it totally. This doesn’t mean leaving home or moving country; it means stopping the outside from “coming in”

This tactic works with a lot of things, such as, distractions, words that put you down, and the times you feel like you lack identity.

Try it out today!