Who are you?

whoareyouNo one likes fake people right? But everyone likes real people! God is the same.

Do you want some Real Talk? Well, I got some here for you!

Who are you? Have you thought about that? Are you “yourself” or are you “someone else”?

When you look at the mirror who do you see? Do you see yourself or you see a mask? Do your friends like you for who you REALLY are or do they like you for the PERSONA you have created?

God wants to give you a new life; He wants to show Himself to you but how can He show you who He really is if you don’t show Him who you really are?

Take the mask off, expose yourself, ask for help and confess your mistakes. Get real with God and He’ll get real with you.

Got it?

One comment

  1. That’s really true, sometimes we want to be like our friends the way they do things and how they behave.