You are the product of what you eat

You are the product of what you eatI’ve heard this saying on many occasions, “You are what you eat”, and you may have heard it too.  It may have been said by a fitness expert, sports nutritionist or even advice from your parents. Often, we base this saying on the consumption of food and not with our everyday lives.

Take a minute to reflect on yourself – you’ll probably find that it’s evident that you are becoming what you consume, whether it is positive or negative.  Remember, it’s not only about food, but about the kind of information we take in every day.

I’m an athlete and I know that the effort I put in at the gym or at the training ground, as well as the food I eat, will define the level of my performance on the day of the competition.

What you produce is the result of what you take in.  Who you are or what you hope to achieve depend on the way you spend your time – the music on your headphones, the activities you do, the circle of friends you chill out with – the list is endless. These are the different kind of foods we EAT!

When you eat well, it is impossible not to perform well!

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  1. I think that the message here has really nailed it. I think it’s so important for youth to have this in mind all the time. I always feel like I can improve in so many areas and I agree that when I stop doing certain things such as watching TV or spending loads of time on YouTube, I am so productive in achieving things that will help me in the future. Thanks for the message I will contemplate on it.